Why Indian Cricket Team is unbeatable in Test Series At Home

India’s former captain Virat Kohli made the India cricket team with improved team performance in Test Series and has made a vital and massive contribution to the winning percentage table. Team performance and winning percentage staggering numbers indicate Virat Kohli was the Most Successful Indian Test skipper ever. He made India the best test team globally, which helped India reach the mountain’s peak.

Most people have a question in their minds: What are the factors that emphasize why the Indian Cricket Team is unbeatable in Test Series at Home. Let’s go to understand.

Indian Cricket Team
Indian Cricket Team

# Indian Cricket Team is unbeatable in Indian conditions in Test Series- Indian Cricket Team PAST RECORDS :

We have done a study on Test Series and staggering Numbers also indicate that the Indian Cricket Team is unbeatable in Indian conditions in Test Series. It is difficult to defeat the Indian team in a Test match, but not impossible. Because any team can beat any big team, as you can see how many times India have own test series at their home, the Indian team has not lost a Test series on its home ground in the last few years.

India’s unbeatable Test series journey

Series yearSeries NameSeries Result
2016-2017India v. New Zealand 3 matches3-0
2016-2017India v. England 5 matches4-0
2016-2017India v. Bangladesh 1 match1-0
2016-2017India v. Australia 4 matches2-1
2017-2018India v. Sri Lanka 3 matches1-0
2017-2018India v. Afghanistan 1 matches1-0
2018-2019India v. West Indies 2 matches2-0
2019-2020India v. South Africa 3 matches3-0
2019-2020India v. Bangladesh 2 matches2-0
2020-2021India v. England 4 matches3-1
2021-2022India v. New Zealand 2 matches1-0
2021-2022India v. sri Lanka 2 matches2-0

These home series of the India cricket test team have shown that India has not lost a single Test series in the last few (6 years) years.

# India’s dominance in Test cricket since 2016 :

The Indian cricket Test team is the best Test team in the world based on two primary factors: their win percentage and the number of Test series won since 2016. since 2016, India have dominated Test cricket. India’s Team win percentage gets higher in Test cricket as India has played a total of 67 Test series since 2016, and out of these, it won 41 test matches, 16 losses and the remaining 10 declared underdraw. With these revolutionary changes, India’s win percentage is higher to 61.19% than any other country’s cricket team.

The second-best team in terms of wins is England, who have won 33 series out of 80 Test matches. New Zealand have played 49 tests out of these, won 26 matches and lost 15, remaining 8 declared as Draw hence, New Zealand became second-best in terms of win percentage of 53.06% and on the third number, Australia have a win percentage of 50.91%. 

# No. 1 Test team and limited-overs captaincy :

Legend Virat Kohli has become the first captain; under his captaincy, the India Test team defeated Tim Paine’s side on their home ground in 2018-19 and won the Test series by 2-1 against Australia.

India’s test team wins Most of the test series under the captaincy of Virat Kohli, who was instrumental in making India one of the best Test teams in the world. Virat Kohli led India and won a Test series in Australia in 2018-2019; they also have won every home series against Australia. India Test team conquered South Africa and England with this; no other Indian captain has ever been able to succeed as Virat Kohli made an ultimate record in Test Series.

# Familarized with good condition of Cricket Pitches :

Constructors have taken a lot of effort and science while preparing a good condition for Cricket Pitch. The quality of the cricket pitch belongs to the nature of the game, spin or fast wicket, the bounce of the ball, and different types of soil in the various geographical areas in India have been kept in mind while constructing a cricket Pitch. Constructors follow specific materials and complex processes for building a Cricket pitch. They look after the size and dimension of the cricket pitch, Drainage management and material. Constructors have significant tasks of preparing the soil and clay, creating drainage, replacing topsoil, and much more, all done by the custodian and their team.

# India team’s vital contribution to ICC World Test (2019-2021) :

India also entered the final of the World Test Championship 2021, which was played against New Zealand in England last year; New Zealand won the Test match by eight wickets and became the first team as the inaugural 00000 (2019-2021).

India has a win percentage of 58.33%, which comes from the recently concluded two-match Test series against Sri Lanka India own 2-0 hence pursued 4th position in the table. Still, Australia leads the table with 77.77% points (PCT).

Sri Lanka finds themselves in the fifth position of the table as they have lost the series against India 2-0.

#Which team has the capability to defeat Team India in the Tests at home :

England, Australia, and New Zealand probably expect to beat team India in the tests series in Indian conditions. 

But believe me, all these teams or combinations are so successful, but not until they reach the lion’s den.

  1. New Zealand is one of the best spin-playing nations among sub-continent countries, but it is the same team that failed miserably in the home season.
  2. England, now almost pretty similar bowling attack and almost same batting line up with minor changes made us taste a humiliating series loss 3–1 in same test series where we managed famous lord’s win. But after New Zealand, this is the second big test victory in the recent home season.
  3. Australia tested us in the first match and we lost. And the rest is history.

# Recent Test series in India against Sri Lanka- Outstanding performance of All-Rounder Ravindra Jadeja :

All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja hit a career-high century with an unbeaten 175 and magical returns of 9/87 to hand India have a handsome win by an innings and 222 runs, and Jadeja is the Third successive man of the match award in the four-Test outings at the venue. With this, Jadeja becomes one of the best all-rounders in the world. He is unbeatable, particularly in Indian conditions. he can perform at No. 7 even outside India with improved batting.

The world No. 1 Test Team India have proved unbeatable in Indian conditions, with the advantage of star spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja. They are essentially match-winning all-rounders in India.

India is one of the strongest home test cricket teams have ever seen and I hope so; they will continue their dominance abroad also. The Test team will define the power of this era.

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