Why does the England Cricket Team continuously collapse in Test matches 2022

The England cricket team plays for England and Wales in Test cricket. Since 15 March 1877, England Cricket Test Team played 1048 Test Matches; out of these, they won 378, lost 316, and declared drawn 354 having a test match-winning percentage of 36.06. As of 22 March 2022, England are ranked fifth in Tests. Since 2018, England has played 54 Test matches, resulting in 22 victories, 10 draws and 22 defeats. England played 11 matches against Australia in recent times.

England Cricket Team continuously collapses in test matches
England Cricket Team continuously collapses in test matches

From 2006 to 2018, The English Team have performed smartly and safely games as Batsman Alastair Cook scored 12472, the most runs in 291 innings; but Suddenly there was what happened to England team? Why are they not performing very well? Why does England keep collapsing so hard, so fast, so drastically? Many questions come to mind for England continuously collapsing in test matches.

This passage of play brings frustration, disappointment, and confusion, but it doesn’t shock. Since 2018, England had a downfall in Test Series-winning, apart from a country having a surplus mastery of the white ball. They couldn’t make 100 runs in an innings, the most in any test match. And England Team made these mistakes repeatedly. Even they are not trying to learn from that mistakes and, as a result, it hurts their expertise to win Test matches. 

Each area of the problem needs to be scrutinised and analysed. So, who is to blame? What are the reasons England continuously collapses in test matches? There are many reasons for the drastic collapse of the England Test Team Winning, but We have noted some reasons explained below. Let’s understand these.

1. Continuously changing players in test matches :

England Test Team were more interested in their rotation system rather than concentrating on winning test series. The reason is their overconfidence and over dependant on 2 premier overrated bowlers. James Anderson and Stuart Broad. England is never a good team in Test format outside their home. If you see their recent records, they lost the Ashes in Australia by 5-0. it has revealed how overdependent they are on Anderson and Broad.

2. Poor Selection of playing 11 :

There is a poor selection of playing 11, as most English players were attracted to Vitality Blast and The Hundred Leagues; hence, players could not give particular time for the test. Their poor team selection for test matches in West Indies also adds to their collapse. West Indies showed them that their poor record here would continue to haunt them. Root’s immature captaincy was also reflected there. All-Rounder Moeen Ali has resigned from Test Cricket on 27 September 2021; this can be the reason for the weak squad because one All-Rounder was missing from the team.

3. Poor batting partnership : 

Joe Root is the one player who puts their efforts into some Test matches. Due to the opening Batting pair being inconsistent in frequent test matches, they could not make runs and made the same mistakes repeatedly; hence England test team frequently collapsed as they could capable of doing well.

4. Bowlers are injured Most of the time in Test Series :

The Bowlers face most of the time Injuries in the test series. Leading players like Stuard broad, Ollie Robinson, and mark wood were injured or focused on playing for vitality Blast, The Hundred. Stuard broad was injured in the recently held Ashesh, and There is no consistency to play bowlers sequencing in the test series irrespectively. So, the main focus on winning was distracted due to these problems.

5. England’s batting line-up goes completely missing :

The England Cricket Test team has been missed the Batting line-up completely like Rory Burns, Haseeb Hameed and Dawid Malan were the opening pair while playing in Ashes in 2021, whereas Joe Root and Ben Stokes are both star players, but still, they could not perform on the upper level. To win the Test series, the English team should perform as strong in the opening of batting, first down and second down batsman should make more run as much as they are capable.

6. Lack of utilization of Good Players :

The Backbone of the English test team Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, and Dawid Malan, could not perform very well in recently held ashes as they have lost to Australia by 4-0, So there is a lack of utilization of good players.

7. Worst performance in Ashes :

Apart from Strong players in the English Team, They couldn’t perform very well. You can also check the record of Australia’s recent Ashes, as Australia won the Ashes by 9 wickets in the First Test, Australia won by 275 runs in the Second Test, in the Third Test, Australia won by an innings and 14 runs, the Fourth test was declared as Drawn. In the Fifth Test, Australia won by 146 runs; hence England lost to Australia by 4-0.

All these collapses do raise question marks over the potential of England’s CricketTest team to defend efficiently over a long period. No doubt Earlier, English Cricket Team were performed very smartly in the test before 2018, but now they can prove themselves once again by making their team effective and efficient.

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