How to become Cricketer with Acadamy and without Acadamy in India- a Complete process 2022

How to become Cricketer
How to become Cricketer

Cricket is immensely popular in every corner of India than in other countries, and people in India worship cricket as a god. Most Cricket lovers are crazy about Cricket in India because the craze for playing and watching cricket is raised a high in India. If you have the talent to play cricket and make a professional and successful cricketer, this article is for you. Please go through this till the end, which will help fulfill your dreams. 

India is a country with a high population. Hence, there is tough competition in cricket also. Here is also lots of politics you will be able to see, but you need to be good in your focused role and believe in yourself. With this, you can execute your goal. 

Every child’s first dream is to become a cricketer; the second thing is whatever, but he wants to become a cricketer first.

Are you one of those who want to start a professional career in cricket, or are you looking for your child’s dream to join men in blue then this is the right place where you can understand 

What are the procedures to become a cricketer in India? Let’s get started with,

Top 10 Points How to become Cricketer

1) Age Requirement :

Start your cricket career early at the age of 8 because this is the right time to start your practice or training. More practice clarifies your goal, grip, and weak area of your cricket. Hence, You will play at any level of cricket. A Big example is Virat Kohli began his training when he was at 8 years. But most of the growing power will find under the age group 14-16 years.

Under 14 trail– This is the initial stage where you can learn how to groom. Most of the states like Haryana and Punjab have started giving training.

Under 16: At this stage, your real cricket starts where people will notice how good you are playing. You also prepared mentally in which manner you must play cricket at this stage.

Under 19:  After the age 16 criteria, under 19 is the golden opportunity to play cricket. Before this, you have played at district and state levels. Here is how you are good at playing with bat and bowl are noticed by people. This stage is the more important and actual start of your cricket Journey of selection. Here, you will play for Ranji trail and check your batting and bowling performance in 1or 2 overs. Sachin Tendulkar started his career at the age of 16 years. Like this, very few people played for the Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, and Devdhar trophy in the group of 17-18 years.

Basically, these are the age group process where you will play for state level and these trophies.

2) Identify your Inner abilities and focus on your goal:

You need to identify your inner abilities wherein you are strong and start practicing with a focused mind on a weak cricket area. With a basic knowledge of cricket, You need to know what part of this game you are good at and weak with doing practice. Four types of players in cricket are:

  1. Batsman
  2. Bowler
  3. Wicket-keeper
  4. All-Rounder

Practice makes a man perfect, saying there is no shortcut for your bright future. Only hard work and training will help you reach your goal or make you a successful cricketer.

3) Join Cricket Acadamy:

To become successful in cricket, you need to join Cricket Academy. So research good academies, find that Academy where it is located in your state and how it is like that. Joining Acadamy is the best way, or you can say an important step to join the Indian cricket team. For joining Cricket Acadamy, the ideal age is 8 years. But some any problems you could not join the Academy at this age. You can also join the Academy in the age group of 14-16. My good suggestion is don’t delay beyond this age. At an early age, you can clarify all your weak areas and have time for this. Because early you start, early you gain. Also, find the right Coach for your cricket training because coaches help you get familiar with the sport and push you beyond the limits so that everyone can see your hidden charm, which was earlier only visible to the experienced eyes.

Be aware of fraud Academies, and they say that we have direct contact with selectors who will select you and demand money.

4) Without Academy, then Play for Club or Tournament :

It would be best if you started playing for Cricket Club or Tournament at 16years age. This age is probably the right time to go to the sports college trials. In India, there are many politics in cricket, so you need to be good if you are without a godfather to get selected to a sports college. The best example is MS Dhoni. It’s not like you have to join an academy to play cricket at higher levels. If you study in a renowned school (e.g., DAV) with good cricket facilities, you will also be noticed based on your performance. (best, e.g., DHONI) he also played for his DAV school team and not for any academy but see where he is now.

Life will be getting simpler if you make it into sports college. You would have played a few club-level games before you turned 17. Still, if you fail to make it to a sports college, appear for trials of different age groups for your state. Unfortunately, again there is a hell lot of politics. Hence, it would be best if you were good to make it into an age group team, but in these kinds of cases, try to go for states with weaker teams. For example, in India, northeastern states have weak teams, the corruption is less there, and most of the players in Assam teams are outsiders. Hence, it is easy to make these teams. Once you make any team of any state, just work very hard. If you are good enough, you will make the Ranji team before turning 20. Your first target should be to get into your state Ranji team or Kooch Bihari (u-19) team.

5) Excercise and Eat Healthy Food :

The success mantra in crickets starts with your body fitness. So, Eat Healthy foods that provide lots of calories and make your body energetic the whole day. Avoid Junk foods. Drink more water and don’t take too much work pressure or tension. These things keep motivating you in your cricket career and life. Always be happy and believe you will be selected for the Indian national cricket team.

6) Practicing consistently and efficiently :

It would be best to practice consistently in cricket because success is key to consistency in our work and passion, whatever field it is. Without consistency, we might be failed in our work or could not achieve whatever we want. So be a consistent performer. The most significant example is KL Rahul.

7) Apply for District Level Selection:

The next goal should be to apply for your selection at the district level. The more you perform in the age group of 14-16, the more you are selected early for playing XI at the district level. Performance is everything; that tells so much about your hard work, your preparation, and your goal means everything.

8) Apply for State Level Selection :

After playing for the District level, the next aim should be to apply for State-level Selection. Step by step, it is going more tough selection. So, you need to be good at your cricket role, believe in yourself, and do more hard work. Start playing for Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Dilip Trophy, and Devdhar trophy in 17-18 years. All you have to do is perform and come into selectors’ eyes. This is the best way of making it to the state team’s playing 11. You can also go for the trials held 1 time in 3 months.

9) Biggest Platform to become Cricketer is IPL:

After playing for the state level, start applying for the Indian Premier League (IPL). IPL is the No. 1 biggest and cash richest cricket league globally. After you get selected in-state team and start performing in tournaments like the Duleep Trophy, Ranji Trophy, and Vijay Hazare Trophy, you will catch the eyes of some IPL franchises. This platform is for newcomers who want to show their cricket talent with Bat and Ball. These franchises are looking for new young talent and spend less money, but it is big bucks for new players. The Crowd in IPL is very vast, and that is the right time to play very hard and catch the eyes of everyone in the crowd and come into the limelight. Hence, this makes more chances to get selected for Indian National Cricket Team.

10) The National Cricket Team Selection :

The most crucial goal is selection at playing XI in the National Cricket team after being selected at the State level. Thus all the hard work eventually pays off.
The BCCI has a zonal selection panel for the Indian cricket team selection, in this, each of the five zones is appointed to speak or act by one selector and one of the members proposed by the BCCI selection committee.

Every nation has its own A team along with the main squad. Players are mostly first getting selection done under A-squad before qualifying for the national team. Once you perform well at the National level, you get the chance in the India-A team. It provides an opportunity to perform consistently before hitting the most significant challenge at foreign pitches and in foreign climates. This will help you earn your spot playing XI, the Indian National Cricket Squad.

Apart from the National cricket team or IPL, you can also play for other nations’ Leagues like BBL, T20 Blast, and Caribbean Premier League (CPL), but under BCCI rules and regulations, if you are also playing for the Indian team.

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